About Us

A company specialized in cutting-edge technology for the processing of a large scale of financial transactions; with focus on the development of mobile solutions and the customized implementation of special projects for corporate institutions at an international level.

We offer different types of products and services, such as: Collection of Payments, Mobile Payments, Branch Network Management and Payment Processing.

We are consolidated in the Dominican Republic as a pioneer in the industry; offering our services throughout Latin America through agreements with mobile telephone organizations, banks, billers, acquisition companies and specialized telephone companies.

Our History

In 2010, Mr. Manuel A. Grullón Hernández, current Chairman, had the vision of creating a product where the mobile phone was an instrument for managing personal transactions. The first phase was conceptualized as a remittance service through which users receive funds directly on the mobile phone to buy minutes, pay at a store, pay bills and transfer money.

Grullón Hernández then partners with Xtrategies, a renowned consulting firm; with whom, during the research and development process, they define a service whose funds do not depend on the remittance, but of bank accounts and later of credit cards, under a collaborative model involving several companies: telecommunications companies, banks, acquirers and billers; to create a platform that would make life easier for people who adopt it as a payment channel.

This is how, in early 2009 GCS Systems was formally born, created by Manuel A. Grullón Hernández, Day Jiménez, Alfonso Paniagua and Brian Paniagua, who were strategists, promoters and executors of the business plan, in order to create solutions for mobile technologies and business models for the various banking systems and the market in general.

A year later, in July 2010, the tPago product was launched to the Dominican public, being the first and only mobile platform for consultations, payments, purchases, refills, donations and the most complete and secure transfer of all Latin America, reaching up to date, an acceptance that has been growing and penetrating the different market segments.

Currently, GCS offers other service and transaction processing solutions that encourage the financial inclusion of thousand of Dominicans who do not have access to traditional banking services; such as: Mobile Wallets (Orange m-peso and Mobile e-fectivo), Banking Branch Network for multiple banks, among others.