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Mastercard and GCS International strengthen their alliance

Kingston, Jamaica – february 8, 2022 – Mastercard and GCS International, a leading regional fintech based in the Dominican Republic, today extended their partnership to develop and deliver digital payments solutions to underserved consumers across the Caribbean. This partnership builds on the collaborative work already underway in the Dominican Republic, and expands to include solutions in Jamaica.  The partnership will strengthen…

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GCS announces strategic alliance with Microsoft

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic- December 7, 2021 –GCS International and Microsoft announced a strategic alliance in order to provide mobile wallet solutions to companies and government institutions throughout the region with the objective to improve digital transformation in a significant way.  Through this partnership, the companies will enable public sector clients to make better and more transparent government subsidies, while allowing the private sector…

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November 5, 2021 – We are proud to announce that our company has joined ECORED a well-recognized association that promotes social responsibility culture and sustainability through public and private alliances to create balance within social, economic and environmental growth in Dominican Republic. 

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We joined Felaban’s 55th Annual Assembly

November 1, 2021  – Our Business Team joins Felaban’s 55th Annual Assembly in Miami, Florida. This event is recognized as Latin America’s largest and most prestigious international networking forum for senior banking and financial professionals. GCS will have the opportunity to share its innovations and proven digital solutions on site. 

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GCS & Mastercard alliance

September 9, 2021 – GCS International signed an alliance with Mastercard to jointly take advantage of their technologies and contribute to digitalization growth in the Dominican Republic and promote the development of innovative solutions that drive digital transformation.  tPago will benefit from the most recent technological an innovation capabilities of Mastercard and will strengthen its current services enabling the mobile…

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Clab 2021, one of the most relevant innovation events in Latin America

We participated in @felaban event #Clab2021, an innovation event of great relevance in Latin America where international leaders redefine #TransformaciónDigital  trends for the future of the financial sector.

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Felaban evento de innovación de gran relevancia en América Latina

Participamos en el #Clab2021 de @felaban evento de innovación de gran relevancia en América Latina donde líderes internacionales redefinen las tendencias de #TransformaciónDigital de cara al futuro del sector financiero.

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GCS is QR Code transactions pioneer

QR code are an innovative contact less payment functionality that allows financial transactions with a unique personal code that enables secure payments and transferences. GCS customizes QR Codes to all markets. 

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Alliance Banco Promerica and GCS Guatemala

Banco Promerica joins GCS Guatemala in an alliance to promote digital transformation in Latin America. tPago Guatemala enables Promerica’ s clients access to a secure mobile payment platform contributing to Guatemala’s economic reactivation.

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Banco Lafise joins GCS

This alliance reinforces GCS’s commitment to promote financial access to all people. Banco Lafise joins Mi Punto, allowing their clients to have a simplified financial transaction experience. Mi Punto has 8 banking agents of the most important banks of Dominican Republic, offering clients a convenient, safe and agile alternative.

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Plaza Lama joins Mi Punto

Mi Punto welcomes Plaza Lama who joins our network. This integration strengthens and diversifies our range of shops, now with a massive consumer approach adding hypermarkets to our scope. This alliance reinforces Mi Punto’s strategy to make financial transactions accessible to all people.

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tPago and Altice with benefits all 2021.

As a loyalty strategy, tPago and Altice join to bring users mobile top up all year. The user benefits when recharges RD150 or more, receiving 50  additional  minutes and 1.2 g of internet to use up to 2 days following.

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GCS’s Security Network, an asset to allies.

GCS follows high international security standards that ensures security protocols on daily basis. This is why GCS owns a Network Operation Center – NOC, to supervise digital traceability to all transactions and service availability 24/7 and all year to the ecosystem, enhancing their security protocols and effectiveness.  In addition, GCS owns a Security Operation Center SOC System to supervise, alert…

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Fihogar Bank and Mi Punto Alliance

GCS continues to strengthen its commitment to facilitate access to all people to financial services by joining Fihogar Bank. Providing a secure and nearby user experience that allows them access to financial services.

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Mi Punto’s To Ops transactions hit 112% growth

Mi Punto’s To Ops transactions reached 112% growth on 2020. This results are linked to GCS’s strategy to create added value to Mi Punto’ s service network that is operated for multiple banks  and that allows access to all telephone companies in one place.

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tPago increases Donations in 75%

Donations transactions have increased 75% on 2020, in benefit all non-governmental organizations that are on tPago. These organizations promote access to health, education and environmental protection for risks populations.

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Alliance tPago and PayPal

GCS reaffirms its commitment to all Dominicans and strengthens its leadership by joining PayPal, one of the largest worldwide digital payment platforms. As of July, tPago users will be able to recharge their PayPal account through our platform, with their checking and savings accounts. With this initiative, tPago users can enjoy a new shopping experience in more than 200 countries….

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tPago App reached more than 100,000 downloads

GCS is proud of the great acceptance by our customers of #ApptPago, which already has more than 100,000 downloads.

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New Biller CAASD and tPago Agreement

On Friday, May 25, the signing of the contract was signed between the Architect Alejandro Montás, General Director of CAASD, and Mr. Brian Paniagua, our CEO. In this first phase, the agreement allows tPago users in the National District, Pedro Brand and Los Alcarrizos to make their water bill payments through the platform. With the inclusion of this new biller,…

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GCS received the visit from representatives of Banco del Progreso, Alaver, Ademi, Banco Caribe, Banco Popular and Banco Santa Cruz

On Wednesday, May 23, GCS received a visit from representatives of Banco del Progreso, Alaver, Ademi, Banco Caribe, Banco Popular and Banco Santa Cruz. The purpose of the meeting among all the financial institutions that belong to the ecosystem of the “Mi Punto” brand, was the preparation of a training manual for our bank subagents on the Prevention of Money…

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Our Executive Chairman Mr. Manuel Grullón Hernández was appointed as Presidente of the Dominican Association of Fintech Enterprises (AdoFinTech)

On May 10, 2018 our Executive Chairman, Mr. Manuel Grullón Hernández, was appointed as President of the Dominican Association of Fintech Enterprises (AdoFinTech) in the constituent assembly held at the GCS offices. Mr. Grullón gave a few words to the members of the Association where he stated as a commitment “to foster and promote all kinds of activities related to…

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Brian Paniagua appointed as Member of the Board of Directors of United Way, Dominican Republic

GCS proudly congratulates our CEO, Mr. Brian Paniagua, for his appointment as a Member of the Board of Directors of United Way Dominican Republic. Mr. Paniagua joins a select group of professionals who stand out not only for their professional career, but also for their high human quality as promoters of initiatives that generate a high impact and promote positive…

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GCS implements with success New CORE tPago 2.0

In March of 2018, GCS successfully implemented a new central system (CORE) for its product tPago, which was called CORE 2.0. This new modular system allows greater scalability, flexibility to implement changes in our functionalities independently without affecting the rest of the system and automated tests that reduce implementation time. The new design aimed to achieve the following goals: Efficiency…

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Let’s Talk, “Leaders that Inspire”

On April 12, 2018, our Executive President, Manuel Grullón Hernández participated in the Let’s Talk event, “Leaders that Inspire”, at the Cultural Center of Telecommunications in Santo Domingo, organized by Nap del Caribe. Mr. Grullón was part of the panel “Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Challenges for the Dominican Republic”, together with Mrs. Karina Mancebo of ANJE, Mr. Darwin Caravallo of EDUCA…

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tPago becomes the first Dominican company to present the mobile payment without contact

GCS, through its tPago brand, becomes the first Dominican company to present mobile payments without contact with NFC technology in the market, allowing its users to pay their consumption with their mobile phone through the new tPago app available for Android phones. This innovation makes it easier for customers to pay in a safe, fast and reliable way, by placing…

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tPago anchor product of GCS, is recognized as the “Best Mobile Initiative for eCommerce” in the Dominican Republic

tPago, an anchor product of GCS, is recognized as the “Best Mobile Initiative for eCommerce” in the Dominican Republic at the eCommerce Day event by the eCommerce Institute from Latin America to the World. Given in Sambil, Santo Domingo on April 22, 2018. tPago was born in 2008 as a mobile tool for financial solutions, linking bank accounts and credit…

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International Delegation of Scotiabank Toronto and Scotiabank Dominican Republic visit new offices of GCS

The executives held meetings for two days to evaluate upcoming projects and define strategies that strengthen the synergistic alliance between GCS and Scotiabank.

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Seminar on Financial Innovation, Payments and Technology

GCS participated with its tPago and Mi Punto brands in the Seminar on Financial Innovation, Payments and Technology held at the Central Bank of the Dominican Republic, on February 21-23, 2018. The participation in this event reinforces the leadership of GCS in the market, reiterating our commitment and support to the financial and technological sectors.

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GCS inaugurates modern offices

GCS inaugurated in December 2017 its new offices located in the 8th. floor of the Roble Corporate Center. The facilities have a modern and elegant style, with stunning views of the city. The open-space design encourages creativity, integration and collaboration, aligned with the new international trends. This new space also has a modern 24-hour Monitoring Center, a Customer Service team…

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Tech Talk Event 2017

Technology magazine from the Mercado Exchange division, made summit with technology executives from the main public and private institutions in the Embajador Hotel, Diplomatic Hall. Entrepreneurs and professionals spoke about the growing disruptive influence of technology in the Dominican Republic of the future. In this industry, the changes are operating exponentially worldwide, creating a new way to grow and also…

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Seguros Universal wide channel of micro insurance after alliance with GCS Systems and Altice

It makes available to the Dominicans 4 plans through mobile telephony via tPago, Orange m-peso and bank subagents nationwide. Santo Domingo. – Seguros Universal, a subsidiary of Grupo Universal, presented the new sales channels to facilitate access to micro insurance and favor the financial and social inclusion of people who are in the so-called “base of the pyramid”. Thanks to…

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Strategic Alliance of Banco Adopem and tPago and carry out event for small business companies

Through an event held at the Adopem NGO Training Center, the company GCS Systems with its product tPago announced its strategic alliance with the ADOPEM Bank, in order to continue its intention to provide more opportunities for services to its customers. . Adopem Bank, institution characterized by the development of the family through its incorporation into the formal credit economic…

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Both companies have launched a pilot plan at grocery stores and pharmacies

Banco Popular Dominicano and the company GCS Systems (tPago) signed an agreement to develop various initiatives that will promote the financial inclusion of thousands of Dominicans, who currently do not have access to traditional banking services. In this way, both companies have begun to collaborate in the deployment and implementation of certain financial operations through non-banking commercial establishments. Among other…

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Principal institutions of the country integrate with tPago to receive donations through the mobile phone

At a breakfast held at the La Dolcerie restaurant, tPago launches its new product ” Donaciones tPago ”, a service through which users can make donations to Nonprofit Organizations through the tPago platform. The company’s commitment is to provide these institutions with a new way to receive their donations, easily, quickly and safely. With the integration of this new service…

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Seguros Pepin clients may pay their insurance with tPago

The insurance company Pepín signed an agreement with the company GCS Systems for the use of the tPago product. Through this tPago tool, clients of Seguros Pepín will be able to pay their individual policies. The agreement was signed by Messrs. Hector Corominas Pepín, President of Seguros Pepín and Brian Paniagua, CEO of GCS Systems. Mr. Hector Corominas Pepin, expressed…

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tPago simplifies the purchases with the new service tPago Net

The technological solution tPago announced the launch of its new product ” tPago Net”, a service through which users can more easily make their purchases online, using their mobile phone number, without risking their financial information. n the framework of a cocktail, held at the Mitre restaurant, the company referred to its commitment to innovation, in order to adapt to…

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Banco Union launches tPago service that will revolutionize the sending of remittances in the Dominican Republic

The Banco de Ahorro y Credito Union and GCS International with their product tPago signed an agreement with the objective of banking the hundreds of thousands of Dominican remittance recipients. This alliance seeks to educate clients for their effective incorporation into the financial system. In this way, GCS International and Banco Union revolutionize the sending of remittances in the country,…

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tPago inspires students of Unibe to carry out a communication campaign in the 4th creative competition

The company GCS Systems and its product tPago joined the celebration of the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) of the 4th creative competition that they carry out with the students of advertising and marketing communication careers. For the fourth event, tPago was present in the activity as part of the exhibitors of the meeting, and in turn, as the juries of the…

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ADEMI will facilitate its clients transactions and purchases through tPago

The ADEMI Savings and Credit Bank signed an agreement with the company GCS Systems and its product tPago, through which it will provide more than 300 thousand customers of that financial institution with the management of payments and purchases through mobile phones. The agreement was signed by Guillermo Rondón, CEO of Banco ADEMI, and Brian Paniagua, CEO of GSC Systems,…

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Launch of tPago

tPago continues to facilitate the transactions of Dominicans now with the launch of the application tPago which has the benefit of adapting to the smartphone from which it is accessed according to the technology and ways of using it. In this way, users can access the tPago service in an optimal and fast way, which allows them to buy, consult,…

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Banco Popular and Orange Domincana launch product of financial inclusion Orange m-peso

Banco Popular Dominicano and Orange launched mpeso, a solution that allows mobile financial transactions. As reported by GCS International, a company that developed and implemented the solution, it is a mobile wallet issued by Banco Popular Dominicano and associated with the customer’s mobile number. GCS International has developed mobile payment products such as tPago, a solution that links the bank…

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