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Mastercard and GCS International strengthen their alliance

Kingston, Jamaica – february 8, 2022 – Mastercard and GCS International, a leading regional fintech based in the Dominican Republic, today extended their partnership to develop and deliver digital payments solutions to underserved consumers across the Caribbean. This partnership builds on the collaborative work already underway in the Dominican Republic, and expands to include solutions in Jamaica. 

The partnership will strengthen the economic growth potential in the Caribbean, providing the underserved population with a simple and secure real-time payment solution. Financial institutions will be provided with a white label mobile wallet solution, including Mastercard prepaid cards for international use, providing end users with innovative and enhanced payment options in line with market trends. The initiative demonstrates how technology can be harnessed to accelerate financial inclusion and give people more control, better banking experiences, and a wider range of payment choices. 

During the signing of the agreement, Carlo Enrico, president of Mastercard’s Latin America and Caribbean region, highlighted: “Mastercard is committed to delivering a digital economy that works for all. As the fintech landscape evolves at an unprecedented speed, Mastercard provides the infrastructure and assets to help fintechs grow and attract more people to the digital economy. We look forward to collaborating with the GCS International team through this next stage of growth and provide the solutions that will drive financial inclusion at scale.”

 At the same time, Brian Paniagua, CEO of GCS International expressed: “Our company has provided friction-less PFM (personal finance management) tools and solutions to consumers creating value for individuals and their societies in Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, and in the near future, Jamaica. This strategic alliance with Mastercard is a natural evolution in the industry goal towards achieving the financial inclusion of more countries in the Caribbean and capitalizes on GCS’ proven track record ability to apply leading technology to the financial industry in benefit of those who need it most. We look forward to expand this alliance in a near future to other countries in Central America as well.”

GCS International is a leading fintech in the Dominican Republic specialized in cutting-edge technology within the payments industry, focused on the development of mobile solutions key to people’s needs such as transfers between accounts, payment of basic services, loan payments, among others.  

Mastercard will continue to advance equitable and sustainable economic growth and financial inclusion around the world through a broad range of efforts. Last year, the company announced the expansion its worldwide commitment to financial inclusion by pledging to bring a total of 1 billion people and 50 million micro and small businesses into the digital economy by 2025. 

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GCS announces strategic alliance with Microsoft

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic- December 7, 2021 –GCS International and Microsoft announced a strategic alliance in order to provide mobile wallet solutions to companies and government institutions throughout the region with the objective to improve digital transformation in a significant way. 

Through this partnership, the companies will enable public sector clients to make better and more transparent government subsidies, while allowing the private sector to accelerate the digitalization of businesses using GCS’s proven mobile wallets and powered by Azure, Microsoft Cloud with a strong built-in security and the ability to scale as needed.

“This strategic alliance allows all market sectors, to take advantage of and integrate GCS platforms and digital solutions with Microsoft’s leading technology and business capabilities in a more agile way, achieving the transformation of financial channels and the adoption of new digital tools” – expressed Manuel Grullón Hernández, GCS’s Executive Chairman.

In addition, this alliance will also promote the collaboration of top professionals to enhance user experience journeys, features and improve commercial efforts and visibility throughout the region.

Finally, Herbert Lewy, Microsoft’s General Manager highlighted “With this alliance we aimed to benefit government institutions and companies, so they can accelerate their digital transformation processes and manage higher levels of information and innovation through the region”.

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November 5, 2021 – We are proud to announce that our company has joined ECORED a well-recognized association that promotes social responsibility culture and sustainability through public and private alliances to create balance within social, economic and environmental growth in Dominican Republic. 

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We joined Felaban’s 55th Annual Assembly

November 1, 2021  – Our Business Team joins Felaban’s 55th Annual Assembly in Miami, Florida. This event is recognized as Latin America’s largest and most prestigious international networking forum for senior banking and financial professionals. GCS will have the opportunity to share its innovations and proven digital solutions on site. 

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GCS & Mastercard alliance

September 9, 2021 – GCS International signed an alliance with Mastercard to jointly take advantage of their technologies and contribute to digitalization growth in the Dominican Republic and promote the development of innovative solutions that drive digital transformation. 

tPago will benefit from the most recent technological an innovation capabilities of Mastercard and will strengthen its current services enabling the mobile platform for international use and offering users, card-to-card money transfers through Mastercard Send services. In addition, this partnership will offer banks and businesses, processing services with white label mobile wallets and prepaid cards for international use, with a tokenization and encrypted secure system.    

Gabriel Pascual, Country Manager for Mastercard, highlighted: “We are very excited with this alliance with GCS International which will provide the Dominican Market with new payments solutions with innovative technologies; and with the full support and experience of Mastercard’s global leadership and digital ecosystems”. Once again, Mastercard contributes fintech’s growth on the country as global leaders in Latin America and the Caribbean 

Manuel Grullón Hernández, GCS’ Executive Chairman, expressed the company’s commitment to promote continuous digital development” “We are proud to continue contributing to digital transformation with collaborative synergies with companies that share our vision, such as Mastercard. Our will is to unite efforts to provide technological innovation solutions within the reach of people, improving their quality of live and promoting the economic reactivation of our country through providing Fintech services.”

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Clab 2021, one of the most relevant innovation events in Latin America

We participated in @felaban event #Clab2021, an innovation event of great relevance in Latin America where international leaders redefine #TransformaciónDigital  trends for the future of the financial sector.

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Felaban evento de innovación de gran relevancia en América Latina

Participamos en el #Clab2021 de @felaban evento de innovación de gran relevancia en América Latina donde líderes internacionales redefinen las tendencias de #TransformaciónDigital de cara al futuro del sector financiero.

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GCS is QR Code transactions pioneer

QR code are an innovative contact less payment functionality that allows financial transactions with a unique personal code that enables secure payments and transferences. GCS customizes QR Codes to all markets. 

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Alliance Banco Promerica and GCS Guatemala

Banco Promerica joins GCS Guatemala in an alliance to promote digital transformation in Latin America. tPago Guatemala enables Promerica’ s clients access to a secure mobile payment platform contributing to Guatemala’s economic reactivation.

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Banco Lafise joins GCS

This alliance reinforces GCS’s commitment to promote financial access to all people. Banco Lafise joins Mi Punto, allowing their clients to have a simplified financial transaction experience. Mi Punto has 8 banking agents of the most important banks of Dominican Republic, offering clients a convenient, safe and agile alternative.