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Alliance tPago and PayPal

GCS reaffirms its commitment to all Dominicans and strengthens its leadership by joining PayPal, one of the largest worldwide digital payment platforms. As of July, tPago users will be able to recharge their PayPal account through our platform, with their checking and savings accounts. With this initiative, tPago users can enjoy a new shopping experience in more than 200 countries.

The steps to link tPago accounts to PayPal can be found at which provides the necessary information and the opportunity to create PayPal accounts for users who do not have an active account.

This effort proves once again the commitment of both companies with the Dominican market, by promoting the use of technology to offer new and better services in the local financial system.

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tPago App reached more than 100,000 downloads

GCS is proud of the great acceptance by our customers of #ApptPago, which already has more than 100,000 downloads.

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New Biller CAASD and tPago Agreement

On Friday, May 25, the signing of the contract was signed between the Architect Alejandro Montás, General Director of CAASD, and Mr. Brian Paniagua, our CEO.

In this first phase, the agreement allows tPago users in the National District, Pedro Brand and Los Alcarrizos to make their water bill payments through the platform.

With the inclusion of this new biller, tPago continues to add value to its proposal, thus improving the quality of life of its customers.

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GCS received the visit from representatives of Banco del Progreso, Alaver, Ademi, Banco Caribe, Banco Popular and Banco Santa Cruz

On Wednesday, May 23, GCS received a visit from representatives of Banco del Progreso, Alaver, Ademi, Banco Caribe, Banco Popular and Banco Santa Cruz.

The purpose of the meeting among all the financial institutions that belong to the ecosystem of the “Mi Punto” brand, was the preparation of a training manual for our bank subagents on the Prevention of Money Laundering.

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Our Executive Chairman Mr. Manuel Grullón Hernández was appointed as Presidente of the Dominican Association of Fintech Enterprises (AdoFinTech)

On May 10, 2018 our Executive Chairman, Mr. Manuel Grullón Hernández, was appointed as President of the Dominican Association of Fintech Enterprises (AdoFinTech) in the constituent assembly held at the GCS offices.

Mr. Grullón gave a few words to the members of the Association where he stated as a commitment “to foster and promote all kinds of activities related to technology and computer systems applied to the provision of financial services, insurance and other activities related to finance…. to share knowledge and provide new ideas that reformulate the way of understanding and providing services, thanks to new information technologies.”

“The presence of technology in financial services and therefore in the lives of people, is and will be increasingly more prominent in a country like ours where one of our main challenges is financial inclusion, a problem that can clearly be improve with the implementation of technology, “he said.

The appointment of our Executive Chairman as President of AdoFinTech confirms his commitment and that of GCS to support innovation and the use of technologies to improve the quality of life of Dominicans.

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Brian Paniagua appointed as Member of the Board of Directors of United Way, Dominican Republic

GCS proudly congratulates our CEO, Mr. Brian Paniagua, for his appointment as a Member of the Board of Directors of United Way Dominican Republic.

Mr. Paniagua joins a select group of professionals who stand out not only for their professional career, but also for their high human quality as promoters of initiatives that generate a high impact and promote positive changes in our society.

United Way is the largest international non-profit organization in the world, supported by the private sector, founded more than 125 years ago. It is characterized by promoting the creation of long-term social change, in which all individuals reach their human potential through education, financial stability and a healthy life. In the month of May, the Dominican Republic joins the more than 11 countries that make up this institution.

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GCS implements with success New CORE tPago 2.0

In March of 2018, GCS successfully implemented a new central system (CORE) for its product tPago, which was called CORE 2.0.

This new modular system allows greater scalability, flexibility to implement changes in our functionalities independently without affecting the rest of the system and automated tests that reduce implementation time.

The new design aimed to achieve the following goals:


  • Reduce the time and effort for deployment in other countries.
  • To satisfy the requirements of our clients and the business areas in an effective way.


  • Maintain our unblemished record of zero fraud.
  • Exceeding industry safety recommendations and standards.
  • Comply with the best development practices to guarantee the integrity of the data.

Maturity & Agility

  • Incorporate advanced prevention, analysis and problem solving functionalities.

The development and implementation of this new CORE 2.0 marked an important milestone for the growth and development of the tPago platform, which is a benchmark for the entire region and opens the doors to a promising future by reinforcing the commitment with our customers.

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Let’s Talk, “Leaders that Inspire”

On April 12, 2018, our Executive President, Manuel Grullón Hernández participated in the Let’s Talk event, “Leaders that Inspire”, at the Cultural Center of Telecommunications in Santo Domingo, organized by Nap del Caribe.

Mr. Grullón was part of the panel “Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Challenges for the Dominican Republic”, together with Mrs. Karina Mancebo of ANJE, Mr. Darwin Caravallo of EDUCA and Ms. Linette Lantigua of Legalitas.

In this meeting, the conversation about the challenges of entrepreneurship in the Dominican Republic, within the framework of the inclusion of gender in the areas of technology, prevailed.

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tPago becomes the first Dominican company to present the mobile payment without contact

GCS, through its tPago brand, becomes the first Dominican company to present mobile payments without contact with NFC technology in the market, allowing its users to pay their consumption with their mobile phone through the new tPago app available for Android phones.

This innovation makes it easier for customers to pay in a safe, fast and reliable way, by placing their mobile phone over the AZUL terminals, which are adapted to the new technology. This “touch and pay” functionality means that transactions do not require a physical card, PIN or signature, allowing the user to save time and the convenience of walking without a wallet or cash, with a complete tool on the mobile phone.

The mobile payments NFC of tPago started months ago in beta, demonstrating the commitment of GCS to be always at the forefront of technology. NFC is a type of wireless communication that is destined to become the payment standard worldwide.

With this innovation tPago consolidates its position in the market as the most complete mobile tool for carrying out financial transactions, bill payments, refills, donations, microinsurance and other multiple benefits that its members can enjoy.

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tPago anchor product of GCS, is recognized as the “Best Mobile Initiative for eCommerce” in the Dominican Republic

tPago, an anchor product of GCS, is recognized as the “Best Mobile Initiative for eCommerce” in the Dominican Republic at the eCommerce Day event by the eCommerce Institute from Latin America to the World.

Given in Sambil, Santo Domingo on April 22, 2018.

tPago was born in 2008 as a mobile tool for financial solutions, linking bank accounts and credit cards to mobile devices to pay, buy and recharge in the fastest and safest way.

With more than 700 thousand users and more than 2 million monthly transactions, tPago is the pioneer brand in achieving the mass adoption of a banking and mobile commerce solution based on a larger robust collaborative model that includes multiple businesses, banks, the telecommunications and public services sectors.