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Plaza Lama joins Mi Punto

Mi Punto welcomes Plaza Lama who joins our network. This integration strengthens and diversifies our range of shops, now with a massive consumer approach adding hypermarkets to our scope. This alliance reinforces Mi Punto’s strategy to make financial transactions accessible to all people.

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tPago and Altice with benefits all 2021.

As a loyalty strategy, tPago and Altice join to bring users mobile top up all year. The user benefits when recharges RD150 or more, receiving 50  additional  minutes and 1.2 g of internet to use up to 2 days following.

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GCS’s Security Network, an asset to allies.

GCS follows high international security standards that ensures security protocols on daily basis. This is why GCS owns a Network Operation Center – NOC, to supervise digital traceability to all transactions and service availability 24/7 and all year to the ecosystem, enhancing their security protocols and effectiveness.  In addition, GCS owns a Security Operation Center SOC System to supervise, alert and mitigate transactional fraud or cyberattack keeping transactions and infrastructure safe.

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Fihogar Bank and Mi Punto Alliance

GCS continues to strengthen its commitment to facilitate access to all people to financial services by joining Fihogar Bank. Providing a secure and nearby user experience that allows them access to financial services.

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Mi Punto’s To Ops transactions hit 112% growth

Mi Punto’s To Ops transactions reached 112% growth on 2020. This results are linked to GCS’s strategy to create added value to Mi Punto’ s service network that is operated for multiple banks  and that allows access to all telephone companies in one place.

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tPago increases Donations in 75%

Donations transactions have increased 75% on 2020, in benefit all non-governmental organizations that are on tPago. These organizations promote access to health, education and environmental protection for risks populations.

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Alliance tPago and PayPal

GCS reaffirms its commitment to all Dominicans and strengthens its leadership by joining PayPal, one of the largest worldwide digital payment platforms. As of July, tPago users will be able to recharge their PayPal account through our platform, with their checking and savings accounts. With this initiative, tPago users can enjoy a new shopping experience in more than 200 countries.

The steps to link tPago accounts to PayPal can be found at which provides the necessary information and the opportunity to create PayPal accounts for users who do not have an active account.

This effort proves once again the commitment of both companies with the Dominican market, by promoting the use of technology to offer new and better services in the local financial system.

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tPago App reached more than 100,000 downloads

GCS is proud of the great acceptance by our customers of #ApptPago, which already has more than 100,000 downloads.

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New Biller CAASD and tPago Agreement

On Friday, May 25, the signing of the contract was signed between the Architect Alejandro Montás, General Director of CAASD, and Mr. Brian Paniagua, our CEO.

In this first phase, the agreement allows tPago users in the National District, Pedro Brand and Los Alcarrizos to make their water bill payments through the platform.

With the inclusion of this new biller, tPago continues to add value to its proposal, thus improving the quality of life of its customers.

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GCS received the visit from representatives of Banco del Progreso, Alaver, Ademi, Banco Caribe, Banco Popular and Banco Santa Cruz

On Wednesday, May 23, GCS received a visit from representatives of Banco del Progreso, Alaver, Ademi, Banco Caribe, Banco Popular and Banco Santa Cruz.

The purpose of the meeting among all the financial institutions that belong to the ecosystem of the “Mi Punto” brand, was the preparation of a training manual for our bank subagents on the Prevention of Money Laundering.