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Banco Union launches tPago service that will revolutionize the sending of remittances in the Dominican Republic

The Banco de Ahorro y Credito Union and GCS International with their product tPago signed an agreement with the objective of banking the hundreds of thousands of Dominican remittance recipients. This alliance seeks to educate clients for their effective incorporation into the financial system.

In this way, GCS International and Banco Union revolutionize the sending of remittances in the country, since customers will be able to link their remittances to an account and join tPago to carry out all the transactions offered by the mobile solution. In turn, Banco Unión has developed financial products and services that encourage savings, investment and credit among remittance recipients.

For the meeting, held at the new Banco Union branch located at the first level of Diamond Mall, the main executives of both companies, Brian Paniagua, CEO of GCS International, Maria Armenteros de González del Rey, Executive Vice President of Banco Unión, and Ernesto Elías Armenteros, VP of the Board of Directors of Banco Unión; who reported that customers can now join the service at any of the bank’s branches. They also mentioned that the new branch of Diamond Mall was designed as a service platform, where customers can purchase new products and receive financial advice in a special room.

Last year, Banco Unión signed an agreement with the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB). “In our country, about 60% of remittance recipients are not banked, so they do not have access to credit, insurance and other financial services. They receive the money in cash, so many spend it immediately and do not save. This project is aimed at incorporating this group of people into the financial sector, which is getting bigger in our country, “said Mr. Armenteros.

Brian Paniagua, CEO of GCS International – said that “Through this initiative the pioneer company reaffirms the commitment to create solutions that revolutionize the lives of Dominicans and the mobile payment industry.”

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tPago inspires students of Unibe to carry out a communication campaign in the 4th creative competition

The company GCS Systems and its product tPago joined the celebration of the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE) of the 4th creative competition that they carry out with the students of advertising and marketing communication careers.

For the fourth event, tPago was present in the activity as part of the exhibitors of the meeting, and in turn, as the juries of the strategic campaign competition through which the students competed for the first place.

During the celebration, Maria Teresa Ferreiro, Commercial Director GCS Systems and Maria Elena More, Marketing Manager GCS Systems, executives who presented the tPago brief to the students of creative combat competition.

At the time of the contest, the tPago team asked them to carry out a comprehensive communication campaign that would invite the Dominican population to join the tPago product and use it. “

“Within the proposal that we ask young talents, we seek to highlight the rational and emotional benefits offered by the brand “indicated Maria Teresa Ferreiro, Commercial Director GCS Systems.

After the internal deliberation of the jury, three teams were selected finalists. The campaign with the concept ” tPago 24/7 ” was the winner of the first place, for which the group received the sum of RD$55,000.00 pesos in the name of tPago.

With an ascending trajectory, the company GCS Systems and its product tPago are distinguished in the market for providing the innovative service of implementation of solutions for managing payments and purchases through the mobile platform.

With initiatives such as the 4th UNIBE creative competition, tPago continues its expansion, inviting all consumers to learn more about the mobile transaction option. The tPago staff ensures that they keep on the agenda a host of future plans that will facilitate a fast, secure and convenient way for consumer payments.

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ADEMI will facilitate its clients transactions and purchases through tPago

The ADEMI Savings and Credit Bank signed an agreement with the company GCS Systems and its product tPago, through which it will provide more than 300 thousand customers of that financial institution with the management of payments and purchases through mobile phones.

The agreement was signed by Guillermo Rondón, CEO of Banco ADEMI, and Brian Paniagua, CEO of GSC Systems, who valued the importance of the strategic alliance between both entities.

Through this agreement, ADEMI customers will be able to use tPago, linking their savings accounts, loans and credit cards to perform balance inquiries, transfers, bill payments, minute reloads, purchase in commerce and transaction consultation.

This new channel that ADEMI Bank makes available to its Clients, means a considerable saving in the time that these invest to move to make payments on their credit cards, loans and services.

tPago is a mobile payment platform of the Dominican market, which has created products and services for its users, with the aim of facilitating the realization of transactions without having to travel to different points or places.

Mr. Paniagua indicated that through this initiative, tPago reaffirms the commitment of the entity with the users, to never stop the process of integrating new companies to the platform, for the benefit of the clients.

Guillermo Rondón defined Banco ADEMI as a financial institution specialized in serving micro, small and medium enterprises, which has designed products adapted to this public, and which seeks to identify the appropriate channels to serve this niche.

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Launch of tPago

tPago continues to facilitate the transactions of Dominicans now with the launch of the application tPago which has the benefit of adapting to the smartphone from which it is accessed according to the technology and ways of using it.

In this way, users can access the tPago service in an optimal and fast way, which allows them to buy, consult, transfer and pay from the mobile phone, without consuming minutes or the Internet.

¨The objective of tPago is to make transactions, purchases and payments from day to day simple. And within this facility we want it to be comfortable and safe, that is why we continue to innovate in favor of our users, “explained Manuel Grullón, Chairman of GCS International.

This application was developed for the operating systems of BlackBerry, Android and iPhone, replicating the menu as it exists today in order and functionality.
¨It is extremely easy to access the application tPago. Anyone who uses a smartphone can easily be guided by the steps that are already used when downloading an application from the application store that you have on your mobile phone. This new and eye-catching way of presenting the tPago product will allow you to resolve your shopping, payment and financial transactions without queues in a very short time, without spending fuel “, Deisy De los Santos, Regional Business Director.

It complies with the security requirements for client authentication by associating the telephone number with the customer’s profile. For the use of this application, the security PIN continues to be the security means to carry out the transactions. When downloading the tPago application, the user will have to perform, once only, an authentication record, which includes data such as telephone number, ID number and PIN tPago.

Once completing the process you can benefit from all the facilities offered by tPago from which you can: Recharge minutes, pay bills, check balances, make transfers, check histories, buy in stores, advance cash, receive money at home, make donations, pay credit cards, pay loans, pay insurance, among others.
Any user interested in downloading the application, can access it through the page or place the word tPago in the search engine of your mobile application store.

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Banco Popular and Orange Domincana launch product of financial inclusion Orange m-peso

Banco Popular Dominicano and Orange launched mpeso, a solution that allows mobile financial transactions.

As reported by GCS International, a company that developed and implemented the solution, it is a mobile wallet issued by Banco Popular Dominicano and associated with the customer’s mobile number.

GCS International has developed mobile payment products such as tPago, a solution that links the bank and credit card accounts with the mobile phone in order to pay, buy and recharge mobile minutes. In September 2013, this product was one of the two finalists as Best Mobile Payment Platform Service in the “Mobile to Payments Awards 2013” competition. It has also been selected as one of the best brands in the Dominican Republic at the 2013 Top Brands Awards.

For its part, Citi Mobile Collect, introduced in the Dominican Republic in 2013,  a system that uses mobile phones as the main tool to complete financial transactions that are carried out between the account of merchants and that of their suppliers at CitiBank.

Citi Mobile Collect was recognized in the 2013 edition of the Mobile Money Global Awards, as Best Mobile Money Deployment in the Americas (Best Mobile Money Deployment in the Americas).

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